NEET UG 2024 Cutoffs – Marks You Need for MBBS Admissions

Medical Aspirants who are looking for admission in top private medical universities and colleges will get a brief narrative about the NEET UG 2024 Cutoff which are based on the the data of previous year’s NEET UG cutoffs and the predicted Cutoffs for NEET 2024 are precise.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG), conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), is undoubtedly the most prestigious and toughest undergraduate medical entrance examination in India. It is the gateway for students aspiring to pursue MBBS and BDS courses in government and private institutions across the country.

NEET UG 2024 Cutoff: Skyrocketing Applications vs Limited Seats 

A huge chunk of 22 lakhs eyeballs appear annually for NEET UG 2024, trying to snatch one of the 1.09 Lakh odd seats up for grabs. Now, you have to admit, that’s some intense peer pressure for every mark! And yet, the number of seats hasn’t caught up over the past 10 years. Naturally, cutoffs have to blow up.

Scoring Big on NEET 2024: Marks Needed to Get Into MBBS

The NEET cutoff marks are the minimum scores that candidates need to obtain for qualifying for the exam and becoming eligible for counseling processes. While quota reservations provide some flexibility, going by previous years’ trends, the NEET UG 2024 cutoff for the general category may hover between 120 to 140 marks for students to stand a decent chance.

Let’s analyze the key factors that will influence NEET UG 2024 cutoffs:

  • Increasing Applicants & Limited Seats – Each successive year, more and more aspirants take the NEET exam, while the total number of seats has not increased proportionally over the past decade. Naturally, cutoffs are getting higher.
  • Previous Years’ Cutoff Trends – The NEET 2023 cutoff for the general category closed at 137 marks (out of 720 total). In 2022, it was 117 while 2021 and 2020 again saw 137 marks as the 50th percentile cutoff. This shows an overall rising pattern.
  • Level of Difficulty – If NTA introduces more application-based MCQs in NEET UG 2024, scoring may become more challenging for test takers, directly impacting cutoffs. 
  • Reservation Policies – While the NEET exam itself has no reservation quota, different medical colleges have defined minority reservations that indirectly influence general category cutoffs

Accounting for these factors, an expected NEET UG 2024 cutoff for the general unreserved category may fall in the range of 120+ to 140 marks to safely get MBBS admission into a decent private medical college in India.

Of course, cutoffs also vary state-wise depending on the exam difficulty level, number of applications, and diversity of reservation policies applicable. 

Let’s look at some predicted state-wise NEET 2024 qualifying cutoff marks:

Maharashtra: 144+

Karnataka: 136+

Uttar Pradesh: 140+

Rajasthan: 150+ 

Delhi: 150+

For unaided private colleges like Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, Saveetha University, etc., 150+ scores should sail you through initial shortlists comfortably.

Reserved categories can expect a 117-127 mark range for NEET 2024 qualification. But even quota students should push for 130+ for better options.

Coming to admission into government medical colleges through NEET 2024, the competition is much more cut-throat, being highly preferred due to massive fee subsidies. 

Here, General Category NEET UG 2024 cutoff predictions would be: 

AIIMS Delhi: 200+

Other Top Government Colleges: 170+

How Reservations Influence Cutoffs

While NEET itself has no quotas, different medical colleges run reservations, indirectly reshaping the cutoff limits. So apart from balancing complicated questions, you have to factor in policy effects too!

Thus, summing up the overall forecast – a safe NEET UG 2024 cutoff target is 137+ marks for general category aspirants, while reserved categories should chase at least 117 marks to get into their choice of private medical college in India. For government colleges, sky-high scores of 170+ and above are vital.

This brings us to the importance of early NEET exam preparation with an expert coaching institute. One such leading organization that students trust for MBBS in abroad counselling and study-course recommendations is Collegedunias. They guide students wanting to pursue medical education across varied destinations like Romania, Russia, Georgia, Bangladesh, China, Poland, etc., besides India.

With over a decade’s experience in academic counselling and test guidance services, Collegedunias has helped numerous students achieve high NEET percentile scores for successful admission into medical universities in India & abroad, offering affordable fee structures and quality education infrastructure.  

Right from timely exam form fill-up assistance to regularly updating students on changing NEET eligibility rules, Collegedunias’s able counsellors recommend the most student-friendly MBBS study options suited to every applicant’s preferences, academic profile, and budget. Their transparent, ethical, and result-oriented advisory services enable aspiring doctors to realize their dreams through the best-matched medical programs in India & abroad.

Here are some useful NEET exam preparation and targeted score-enhancement tips for smoothly clearing the NEET UG 2024 cutoffs:

  • Start Early – Begin building NEET fundamentals from 11th grade onwards through NCERT textbooks. Don’t wait for the 12th standard to finish the vast medical exam syllabus. 
  • Consistency – Only regular reading, critical thinking, and solve-work guarantee solid retention of concepts needed to apply in MCQ solving. Cramming won’t help reach high NEET percentiles beyond just passing cutoffs.
  • Assess Progress – Take mock tests every quarter not just to gauge subject-level proficiency but also to measure accuracy and time management—critical attributes tested in NEET.
  • Analyze Performance – Maintain an error logbook to review knowledge gaps that need strengthening through focused study. Keep honing your weak areas.
  • Time Management – NEET is a 180-minute test comprising 720 marks MCQ paper. Don’t spend over 1 minute per question or risk leaving questions unattempted, directly hitting scores. 
  • Balance Speed & Accuracy – Find an optimal question-solving pace through mock tests for maximizing attempted questions with high correctness. Avoid blind guesswork or careless errors.

Well, that’s the full NEET UG 2024 Cutoff decoded with expert tips. It’s time to put your game face on! You got this, future doctor! 

What after NEET UG Exam?

About 25 lakh students will appear for the NEET UG Exam 2024, and as per the data of the previous year (2023), only 11 lakh students qualified for the NEET UG Exam out of the total 22 lakh students who appeared for the exam. There are only 1.09 lakh seats in government colleges. Now the question arises, what happened to those who didn’t get admission in Government College? 

Dropping is not a good option as it wastes a whole year cutting down on all the relations and connections from the outer environment is just a harsh truth of many students who choose to drop out. Many students choose to get admission in private medical colleges but the academic fees and accommodation is very costly in Indian private medical institutions which lie in the range of 45 lakh to 1.07 Cr. 

But a better option is to study MBBS abroad, as you will get the opportunity to study in government medical colleges abroad because of the lesser competition for seats and the more affordable medical education, which ranges from Rs 13 lakh, including food and accommodation.  


Staying committed through the long NEET preparation journey can be challenging without a structured study plan or expert guidance. This is where enrolling under the guidance of experienced counselling organization like Collegedunias pays rich mentoring in comfortably crossing the NEET UG 2024 cutoff targets right in your early exam attempts. Their time-tested mentoring programs handhold students to achieve high medical exam percentiles year after year.

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