MBBS Fees Abroad: Explore Affordable Options for Studying Across the Globe

Dreaming of an international medical career but worried about the high cost? This guide on MBBS fees abroad across top destinations reveals surprisingly affordable options to help you fulfill your doctor dreams without breaking the bank!

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Learn about MBBS Fees Abroad:

  • Country-wise MBBS fees abroad and associated costs
  • Breakdown of tuition, accommodation, etc across colleges  
  • Cost comparison to put global MBBS charges in perspective 
  • Estimated overall expense to budget for abroad MBBS

Read on to discover the most economical study-friendly countries for Indian students looking to pursue MBBS in Abroad

Average MBBS Fees Abroad Across Top Destinations

medical colleges globally:

Country > Russia > Philippines > China > Bangladesh > Georgia > Nepal

Total Fees > 5-15L > 10-20L > 15-30L > 20-35L > 35-60L > 45-65L

  As visible, doing an MBBS abroad costs nearly 5-10 times less than private Indian medical colleges charging up to ₹1 crore for the same degree! Let’s examine the detailed fee structure driving this high affordability across prime locations for global medical studies.

Key Elements in MBBS Fees Abroad Packages

Usually, the MBBS fees abroad quoted by colleges include:

However, some additional expenses remain, which you should provision for:

Keeping these factors in mind, an estimated ₹25-40 lakhs should suffice for completing your overall MBBS abroad comfortably. Of course, costs vary according to country, city, and lifestyle choices.

Now, let’s break down the MBBS fees abroad at flagship institutes across the top 5 preferred countries for Indians. 

MBBS in Russia Charges Across Top Medical Universities

Tuition Fees: ₹3 lakhs per year

Hostel: ₹1 lakh per year  

Total Course Fees: ₹25 lakhs approx.

Tuition Fees: ₹1.5 lakhs per annum

Accommodation: ₹25,000 per annum

Total MBBS in Abroad Fees: ₹12 lakhs

Tuition Fee: ₹2.5 lakhs per year

Hostel: ₹40,000 per year

Overall Investment: ₹18.5 lakhs 

Philippines MBBS Program Charges in Top Colleges

Tuition + Hostel: ₹28 lakhs 

Food + Living Costs: ₹5 lakhs

Total MBBS Fees: ₹33 lakhs

Course Fees: ₹22 lakhs

Accommodation, etc: ₹5 lakhs  

Approx. Total Expense: ₹27 lakhs  

Tuition + Stay: ₹30 lakhs

Additional Expenses: ₹4 lakhs 

Overall MBBS in Abroad Package: ₹34 lakhs

Bangladesh - Low-Cost MBBS Option for Indians

Tuition Fee: ₹24 lakhs 

Hostel Charges: ₹3 lakhs

Total MBBS Fees: ₹27 lakhs

Course Fees: ₹26 lakhs  

Living Costs: ₹3 lakhs

Approx. Investment: ₹29 lakhs

Tuition: ₹22 lakhs

Accommodation + Extras: ₹3 lakhs

Overall MBBS Fees: ₹25 lakhs

Nepal - Budget Destination for Indian Medical Aspirants

Tuition + Stay: ₹52 lakhs

Food + Misc: ₹7 lakhs  

Total MBBS in Abroad Fees: ₹59 lakhs

Course Fees: ₹48 lakhs

Living Costs: ₹8 lakhs  

Approx. MBBS Investment: ₹56 lakhs

Tuition + Accommodation: ₹48 lakhs  

Additional Expenses: ₹7 lakhs

Overall Expense: ₹55 lakhs

China - World-Class Medical Education + Global Exposure

Tuition Fees: ₹35 lakhs 

Hostel + Living Costs: ₹5 lakhs  

Total MBBS Fees: ₹40 lakhs

Tuition Fee: ₹26 lakhs

Accommodation, etc: ₹4 lakhs

Approx. Cost: ₹30 lakhs

Course Fees: ₹29 lakhs

Hostel + Extras: ₹4 lakhs  

Overall MBBS in Abroad Package: ₹33 lakhs

Summing Up: MBBS Fees Abroad Structure Across Prime Global Destinations!

To conclude, we analyzed the broad classification of expenses plus individual component costs involved in studying medicine internationally across the top Asian and European destinations on Indian students’ radar today.

These include leading medical colleges pricing MBBS fees abroad around:

    1. Philippines: ₹25-40 lakhs  
    2. Bangladesh: ₹20-35 lakhs
    3. Nepal: ₹45-65 lakhs
    4. China: ₹30-60 lakhs
    5. Russia: ₹15-25 lakhs

      As you noticed, even the higher range charges only a fraction compared to India’s private medical colleges! Given the similar world-class infrastructure and global pedagogy offered, yet at ultra-affordable fees, studying MBBS abroad becomes very lucrative for middle-class Indian families. 

      Of course, confirm living costs, etc., directly with your chosen university to plan finances prudently before applying! Reach out to us anytime for reliable guidance personalized for your profile throughout the application cycle!

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